Sunday, April 10, 2011

Transportation Car Insurance?

Many persons do not know the importance of insuring the vehicle. Given
 the public vehicle or car theft increase, always prone to traffics when driving. Better Insurance companies generally quite a lot in Asia, you can choose according to your convenience. I want to share information about general Better Insurance, especially for your personal vehicle. There are several terms in the public vehicle vehicle Better Insurance you should know

the definitions and benefits:
If you want your vehicle insured with various consequencies of traffics, then you should choose the coverage Allconsequencies.

The consequencies borne by insurers when you take allconsequencies coverage are:
a. hit by another vehicle anywhere
b. crashed into another vehicle or other object anywhere
c. scratched street singers
d. either stolen vehicle or stolen in part as the rearview mirror or

other accessories are standard. If you are non-standard accessories, it should come insured. Each report claims there Own consequencies to be paid for $ 200,000 per occurrence. The purpose of this own consequencies, for any of your responsibilities in driving. For some theft cases such as mirrors and other accessories you have to make a letter stating the police report the incident really open theft embezzlement. And if your vehicle is lost always filed a police report if your vehicle is not stolen and embezzled a letter to be signed Units. This process is a bit long about a month to two months. And if within 3 months of unsuccessful vehicle is found, then the auransi transfer money at the time the vehicle is lost or the amount of coverage, whichever is smaller. To lose his vehicle Own consequencies usually 5% of the value to be paid the Better Insurance. Usually almost every insurer is not willing to accept Allconsequencies public vehicle for coverage, because the consequencies is too great.

Awareness Incurances

Better Insurance is one type of business that is growing today.

Better Insurance

applicants are now increasing as more and no uncertainty of our daily

living conditions that create a sense of protection Incurance Security

seems to be a rare

commodity. Lots of quotes from various types of milling Insurance


companies approached. Ranging from life Better Insurance, car

Better Insurance, home

Better Insurance, Financial health condition Better Insurance, education

Better Insurance, and various other

Better Insurance. In fact there are many Hollywood artists who

insure (sorry)

ass, legs, nose, and various other body parts. Afraid if one day the

body was injured or wrinkles that could no longer be exhibited to the

crowd. And should the body parts are sealed, not to be exhibited.

The rise of the use of Better Insurance services is at least shows

that it is

now to get a sense of protection Incurance Security must be by way of

purchase. Do not have

money, then do not expect any sense of protection Incurance Security.
Better Insurance business can

grow well up to now not because they are able to offer a sense of

protection Incurance Security, at least according to their client safe.

And a sense of

protection Incurance Security being sold is often so expensive.

How to a sense of protection Incurance Security from scratch on the face

or legs just a

Hollywood actress willing to pay hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars

or even billions of dollars. To scale most of us, often we do not

really feel safe if the house or car we are not yet covered by

Better Insurance. but to pay the Better Insurance premium range

of personal items, we

had to spend in deeply. Not to mention if we follow the life Insurance


Financial health condition Better Insurance, and so forth. How expensive is a

sense of protection Incurance Security.

Solution for Self and Family

Family Insurances is on guard to face the future and build a network


financial Awareness Incurance Security of yourself and family. No one

of us can predict

with certainty how long we live or how long we can continue working.

"Financial health condition is the greatest gift to man, but we can not predict

when we are

Financial health conditiony and when it will hurt"

Have you prepare funds for your Financial health condition?

"Education is the best legacy that can be given by us, as parents to

our children"

EDUCATION FUND Have you prepare for your child, to realize his dream


"Everyone would stop working and prepare your future as early as


Have you prepare?

All of the above definitely will happen, all depends on you, Everything

is your choice.

Inevitably, Glad not happy, We Must Start preparing now.

Start from now, Start small, and start from yourself.

Vehicle and Home, you are insured for their Financial value (price). But

why when you buy Family Insurances for yourself you choose the lowest

one ..?

Though Family Insurances policy is a save by SMART, because since you


save, you are GUARANTEED to get a large amount of coverage FUNDS.

The best time to have a current Family Insurances is still young and

Financial health conditiony.

Insurance are so Important?

Insurance is one thing that always faced by every human being in this

world, which is   consequencies.   consequencies is always Insurance because of our

ignorance of   conditions that will occur in   future. Because it

is so,  y will make every choice into two sides that are running

simultaneously and in tandem, ie   consequenciess and benefits side. For

example, if we decide to use a car,  n we will avoid   consequencies of rain

and heat. But we will meet with   consequencies of traffics and damage to

car. Ano r example, if we decide to work hard,  n we probably would

benefit by getting more money, but we are faced with   consequencies of

disease due to lack maintain body condition.   question is whe r

  consequencies be reduced?

  concept of Better Insurance came upon this need, in which every

man needs

peace in his life. And generally, persons feel   serenity that when


realized that  y were on   path that contain little or minimal

consequencies. And   Better Insurance business is to bridge this, where

someone can

divert dihadapinyake consequencies Better Insurance company. To get coverage


consequenciess it faces,   person must pay a premium to   Insurance

Knowledge company

in which its magnitude depends on   size of   transferred consequencies to

  insurer (Better Insurance company).

Definition of general Better Insurance is an agreement in which


makes a bond with   insured to receive a premium to provide a

reimbursement to   insured for any consequencies of loss, damage, or loss

which may be experienced as a result of unexpected events.

By taking an Better Insurance product,  n someone will be more

calm in  ir

activities. One does not need to think about   consequenciess that might arise

from an event, because some of  se consequenciess have been transferred to

Better Insurance companies.

In this article will only be discussed fur r on Better Insurance

related to

  man himself, such as life Better Insurance, Financial health condition

Better Insurance, and

unit-linked Better Insurance.

LIFE Better Insurance

Life Better Insurance is   oldest Better Insurance products in

Asia. This type

of Better Insurance will provide some compensation sum to

beneficiary who

abandoned if   client or   insured mennggal world ei r because of

illness or traffic. This Better Insurance shall be held by someone


productive and have a family. So if Insurance something that is not

desired,  n   deceased would always leave and bequeath a sum of money

sufficient to meet   housing needs tanga or run still run plan family

members left behind, especially children.

Life Better Insurance made up of a variety of products and


(riders). Generally, life Better Insurance is divided into 2 types,


life Better Insurance term life and whole life Better Insurance.

Type of term life Better Insurance to ensure policyholders are


within a certain period, say 10 to 30 years. Example: Mr A type of term

life Better Insurance buy term of 20 years at   age of 29 years.


will be protected by Better Insurance until age 49 years. If

fa r died

in   intervening 20 years since he took   Better Insurance

policy,  n

  soul will be given compensation to heirs. Conversely, if a fa r

died at age 49 years have past (beyond   20 years since   Insurance


policy was taken), it is concerned will not receive any compensation

for   soul.

Type of whole life Better Insurance (for life) to protect

policyholders who

died, not tied to   age of   death.

During   fixed Better Insurance premium paid,   Insurance

Knowledge policy will

always provide protection. This type of Better Insurance whole life


desirable by   society, especially always in insuring   children

connect   value of   premium when a young age is quite cheap and

this value remains   same during   life of   child until   age

of adulthood.

Term life Better Insurance types that have a certain period of time,


a cheaper premium several times higher than whole life Insurance

Knowledge types.

Financial health condition Better Insurance

Financial health condition Better Insurance consequencies transfer destined for hospital

fees, examination

fees, and treatment if an insured has a particular disease.

This Better Insurance is felt necessary for persons to expect

certain standards

of Financial health condition care facilities that may be needed in   future.

When this

has been a lot of companies that provide Financial health condition Insurance

Knowledge facilities

for its employees.

UNIT LINK Better Insurance

This Better Insurance product is an Better Insurance product

which is a combination

of various products of life and Financial health condition Better Insurance

with investment

features in one package. Insurance are at least 3 (three) unit-linked

Better Insurance excess when compared with o r types of Insurance

Knowledge, namely

investment pililhan diverse, a combination of Better Insurance and


attractive investment in a single package, and a high level of


In link unit customers are given freedom in choosing   type of

investment. Whe r customers prefer   kind of investment that has

high consequencies, medium or low. In addition, customers are always given

freedom to change   allocation of funds in   future.